Outside Enclosure Timelapse Video

In this timelapse video it is showed the speed up assembly for the construction of a large acoustic enclosure in the rooftop of a hospital with HVAC machines in 24h continuous operation. This enclosure has solved the problem of noise preventing surrounding houses. 


  • 890 m² Acustimodul acoustic panel.
  • 146 Ud. Acoustic Silencers SNA.
  • 21 Ud. Acoustic Louvers SR01/E.
  • 3 Ud. Acoustic Door RS5/02 – 1 leaf.
  • 2 Ud. Acoustic Door RS5C/23 – Double leaf.

Insulating and sound absorbing acoustic panels

Modular system

In industrial environments, reverberated and reflected noise from machinery can easily exceed the recommended limits, and cause a serious health risk to production staff.
The primary objective of acoustic enclosures is to reduce the noise source significantly, for example the noise made by a machinery. The casing of an acoustic enclosure limits sound reverberation and noise propagation, which protects the workers.
Our acoustic enclosures are available in a wide range of standard measures, and they can be alternatively tailored with modular panels, according to your requirements. We offer an extremely flexible system, with a quick and easy installation, which we can adapt to suit your needs.
Acustimodul 80A panels range are used for the installation of acoustic cabins, booth and barriers for the soundproofing of all kind of machinery.
Easy and quick to assemble modular panels. Thanks to the dovetail system the unit possesses greater sealing and less leaks, all of which results in greater insulation.
Indoor and outdoor barrier, acoustic booths, control and rest rooms, acoustic barrier for climate control and industry in general. Acoustic barriers or screens for climate control, industrial and commercial cold.

Acoustic enclosures and soundproof cabins

 Acustimódul-80 can be combined with the Acustisón-50A panel especially designed for absorbent coating and provides homogenous aesthetics given that the perforated drawing is identical. Designed for acoustic enclosures and acoustic barriers.

The panels are joined using a dovetail system with which we obtain the following advantages:
• Greater set robustness.
• Greater leak-proofing, preventing acoustic insulation losses in the panel joints as there are no openings.
Acustimódul-80 has official acoustic insulation and reaction to fire Certificates homologated by prestigious Laboratories.