Acústica Integral has performed the installation of an acoustic cabin to protect workers in an ancillary industry of the aeronautical sector.
The main aim is to achieve that the daily noise exposure levels of employees working with industrial machines remains within the adequate values and in accordance to RD 286.

There are different Acoustic treatments available for industrial environments, and these must adapt to the production process so that the implementation of corrective measures does not entail a drop in the daily production. The acoustic elements installed must adapt as much as possible to the production process, trying not to interfere with the operators’ manufacturing tasks.
Treatments can be carried out in three main points: treatments in the emitter, treatments in the means of transmission and treatments in the receiver of the noise.
The treatments in the emitter are aimed at altering the noise emission features of the emitting sources, changing their construction features, without altering their production characteristics. Enclosures, screening, access doors, acoustic viewers, acoustic tunnels for the entry and exit of the product, etc.

The treatments in the means of transmission are applied in the industrial plant’s environment, carrying out treatments aimed at controlling the general noise: area sectorisation, absorbent treatments on ceilings and walls, etc.
The treatments in the receiver are focused on the workers and can be applied when the operators have more or less fixed positions, such as control points, surveillance areas of the machinery or the production. The aim is to directly protect the operator at the workstation, thereby preventing major treatments having to be performed on the machines.

In this case, a treatment on the worker has been carried out, installing an acoustic cabin made of Acustimodul80 type acoustic panels. The access to the interior of the cabin has been made with acoustic door RS5C de 46 dB with rectangular viewer. The need for broad visibility has been solved with special-size VRC type acoustic viewers, which allows viewing all the production area from any point inside the cabin.

Dimensional station cabin with special viewers for broad visibility.
Ref: 002MA1600041
Sector: Industrial.

Installation of the product: