In the industry sector, machinery noise control requirements are common. In this case we were hired to provide a solution for a manual process, in which operators make rectifications of manufactured parts, by means of blows on the piece. This causes very high noise levels, which are received by the workers who carry out the task and by the rest of the areas of the warehouse where the process is located.

A first acoustic study was performed to establish the possible acoustic solution, which ensures that the noise levels coming out of the element will not exceed 80dBA.

The acoustic solution defined was an enclosure that allows the passage of the workpiece carriers, which will access the interior through tracks, due to their high weight. It will therefore be necessary for the acoustic door that gives way to the interior of acoustic treatment, not have a lower frame and allow the passage of the piece to be shaped, without obstacles. Furthermore, the interior lighting system must be also installed, as well as the necessary electrical installation. The installation of the necessary compressed air and gas systems must also be included. A forced ventilation system will be added to the enclosure, by means of an engine fixed to the acoustic silencer, so that the hot air can be extracted from the inside. An acoustic silencer is included in the lower part of the enclosure, which allows the introduction of clean air inside.

The products chosen to build the enclosure, guaranteeing the requirement of acoustic insulation defined in the previous study is:

  • Acustimódul-80A modular acoustic panels for the construction of the enclosure.
  • Acoustic door for the passage of the pieces to shape, inside the enclosure, model RS3-XL  without inferior frame.
  • Acoustic door for the passage of people of type RS5C – 46dB.
  • Acoustic silencers to ensure internal ventilation, SNA silencers type. A fan is included to generate forced ventilation of the air inside the enclosure.
  • Acoustic visors to maintain visual control of the interior of the acoustic enclosure, type VRC.

When the acoustic enclosure was built, the results for the forming operation were evaluated which were fully satisfactory, reaching the degree of insulation required by the client.

With this acoustic treatment it is possible to confine the noise of an operation which before was a great inconvenience inside the production plant. The client’s requirements regarding the elaboration of a TURNKEY product, are reached in a satisfactory way for all the requirements, having therefore, a design made to measure of the client’s needs.


Project: Acoustic enclosure in the process of forming parts.
Ref: O02BC1900197
Sector: Industry