Contact us, an industry dedicated to the manufacture of automotive parts have acquired a new industrial building in which they are going to install a vibrating machine that has to be acoustically evaluated. The machine will be installed in the basement and the offices will be placed on the floor above it. Their idea is for us to analyse the noise levels generated by the machine so that corrective measures can be taken if required. For this purpose, we will draw up a noise map that will enable us to evaluate the improvement we achieve with the corrective measures proposed and, thus, be able to carry out the installation of the acoustic materials and achieve the objectives set by the client.

Firstly, we proceed to measure the noise levels generated by the machine, from which we will obtain the sound power levels required to be able to draw up a noise map that will help us make decisions with a high degree of precision.

Analysing the results of the measurements, we have made the following proposal of corrective measures to the client:

  • We propose the creation of an acoustic enclosure using Acustimodul-80A
  • Absorbent acoustic panels for wall covering type Acustison-50A.
  • To allow access to the interior of the enclosure, acoustic personnel doors of the RS5C type with a rectangular viewer will be used.
  • The access of material to the interior of the enclosure or the removal of parts, will be carried out through an acoustic sectional door of type RS-HA.
  • To enable viewing the interior of the enclosure, VRC-type acoustic viewers are used.
  • The enclosure will be ventilated by means of SNA-type acoustic silencers.

With the insulation values of each of the elements inside the enclosure, and the acoustic characteristics of the building in which the machine will be located, we draw up the noise map that enables us to calculate the resulting levels outside the enclosure, and therefore verify that the objective set by the client is achieved.

The acoustic outcome is optimal to reduce the levels generated by the machinery, allowing to control the workers’ exposure values around the machine to values adequate to the current legislation.


Project: Acoustic enclosure for a vibrating machine in a car parts factory.
Ref: O02BC2000079
Sector: Industry


Acustimodul-80A modular acoustic panel and tongue and groove.

Acustison-50A absorbent acoustic panels.

Acoustic personnel doors type RS5C with rectangular viewer.

Acoustic sectional door type RS-HA

Acoustic viewers type VRC

Acoustic silencers type SNA