The client has the need for an acoustical barrier for reducing the level of noise radiated to the outside. It defines and executes a project that studies the current noise radiation and existing, based on a maximum height of 10 m. tall. The barrier is made using self-supporting panels consist of acoustic panels Acustimódul-80RA of 33 dB. Thus the result is a removable acoustical barrier. The gate length is 35 m. in length and is provided with an acoustic door to facilitate operator access for maintenance.

Project: Acoustic barrier removable large.
Sector: Industry.


  • Acoustic barrier formed by self-supporting panels Acustimódul-80RA in RAL 9002.
  • Strengthened support structure and calculated especially for this project.
  • Perfileria support structure lacquered RAL painted the same color.
  • Panels numbered pair facilitate disassembly and reassembly.