Acoustic façade in industrial plant

We are in the manufacturing plant of a chemical industry.

This plant has a building with many installations that groups together a large amount of machines. The noise these machines generate (pumps, blowers, etc.) is projected at a distance of about 300 m over a group of houses. The acoustic impact generated on them exceeds the standard limits and the company has decided to adopt corrective measures to control this noise.

As the machines are located on an elevated position, on the last 2 floors of the building, the noise is projected over a long distance without encountering natural barriers or buildings that could reduce it.

The acoustic solution we proposed is the construction of the façade with Acustimódul-80A panels. By closing the existing gaps between slabs, a high degree of airtightness is achieved, highly increasing the level of acoustic insulation.

As the works have to be done at a height, the safety measures are an essential part of the assembly process, planning the right strategy to install the acoustic panels with the minimum risk for the operators.

When placing the machines in a new enclosure that is bounded by the acoustic façade, it is essential that the panels used incorporate absorption directly exposed to the machines, thus preventing the noise emitted by the machines from increasing by reflection.


Project: Acoustic treatments in industrial plant.
Ref: O02BC2100294.
Sector: Industry.