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The situation we are about to describe is very common in industrial complexes.

It is common for companies to locate some of their machinery outside the production complex. These machines generate external noise that can affect the local population. If these machines work all day and all night, the noise generated can significantly affect the rest of the neighbours.

The picture shows (in blue) the area of the factory that includes all the outdoor installations that are considered to be a possible source of disturbance to the houses located about 260 m away (red circle).

With the technical means currently available, we will make a noise map of the environment to determine the degree of non-compliance (if any) and the corrective measures necessary to ensure that the noise received by the affected dwellings is below the limits set by the applicable noise ordinance.

With the noise map it will be possible to simulate different operating situations of the plant to determine the most appropriate solution for the case.

The acoustic model allows us to introduce all the sources of noise that can cause annoyance in residential areas. All of them are located in the industrial plant and, from the sound power values obtained by “in situ” measurement, we will be able to draw up a noise map of the acoustic impact on the environment, which will allow us to monitor compliance with noise regulations.

By introducing the sound power levels independently, the calculation model will allow us to see the acoustic impact of each source separately, adapting the calculation to the real operating situation of the machines according to the schedules defined by the industry under study.

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Below are two noise maps. The one on the left is the initial situation obtained with the “in situ” measurements on the machines. The map on the right is the result of applying to the model the corrective measures considered optimal to solve the noise problem.

Comparing the two maps, we can clearly see the reduction in the area affected by the proposed treatment, which allows compliance with the Noise Ordinance at night, including penalties.



The proposed solution is based on the installation of an acoustic shield around the entire machinery area using Acustimodul-80A acoustic panels. This was defined together with the client so that the activity of the machines and maintenance operations would not be affected.

The use of environmental noise maps allows us to achieve our objectives by providing the customer with a very efficient tool.

The ability to simulate different situations of machine operation, at different times, with different acoustic emission characteristics depending on the process, etc., means that economic investments are limited to real needs.

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Project: Acoustic treatments in industrial plant.
Ref: O05BC2200292
Sector: Industry.