Acoustic barrier

Located in Barcelona is a building where we have to install several machines on the roof. Corrective measures have to be taken to prevent the machines’ operation from causing disturbance to nearby buildings.

After studying the case, we considered that the installation of an acoustic barrier would be sufficient, as determined by the differences in height and distances between the machines and possible receivers.

We are going to install an acoustic barrier with Acustimódul-80A panels. The technical area will be accessed through RS7C type acoustic doors, as shown in the project plans. The structure required to support the barrier will be installed according to the client’s specifications.

It is not possible to perforate the building’s roof because of the waterproofing. That is why the barrier is welded to a surface levelling strip, which also allows water to flow towards the evacuation points.

The anchoring points to the building are placed in elevated positions, taking advantage of the building’s bracing and walls.

The inlet and outlet of the ducts is executed precisely, adjusting the pitches to the minimum possible distance in order to prevent losses in the acoustic insulation.

All the barrier’s structural fixings are essential to ensure the stability of the whole installation against wind loads.


Project: Acoustic treatment of air conditioning and ventilation equipment.
Ref: O02BC2100079.
Sector: Construction.