A new building is going to be built in Barcelona that will have air conditioning machinery and two heat recovery units installed on the roof inside the installations cabinet.

Each air conditioning unit has 87 dBA acoustic power. And each of the recuperators has 77 dBA.

The building is located in a Moderate Acoustic Sensitivity Zone B2, so the maximum noise levels allowed at night will be 50 dBA.

The machines have a silent working mode that can be programmed at night, reducing their emission levels by 9 dB.

After carrying out an acoustic study, it was determined that the acoustic treatments necessary to comply with the regulations are the ones shown below.

As shown below, the air conditioning machines have been placed very close to the cabinet wall. This position places the machines away from the boundary of the property, improving the location with respect to possible noise receptors.

As the air conditioning units against the wall, an Acustison-50A type absorbent acoustic panel must be installed on this surface.  This acoustic treatment will prevent the noise generated by the machine and bounced on this surface from weakening the insulation of the barrier by indirect radiation.

We can also see that the barrier does not reach the ground. Because of the proximity of the Acustimódul-80A panels, which form the barrier, air must be provided to the machine for its good operation, so the bottom part of the barrier is used to ensure the appropriate air flow is obtained.

As many RS7C acoustic doors have been installed as openings available due to the limited space for maintenance operations. In this way, operators can work on both sides of the machines without the space limitations caused by the acoustic barrier.

The same approach has been followed for the rest of the machines installed along the other façade, leaving the assembly as shown in the following images.


Project: Acoustic treatment of air conditioning equipment.
Ref: O05BC2200051.
Sector: Construction.