The company Intermalta has been producing malt for brewing beer for over 40 years and has one of its production plants in Albacete.

The industrial facility includes a cogeneration plant with air-cooling units which are located in the upper part of this building.

The noise level generated by these machines was above the applicable regulatory limit, according to the measurements carried out.

In the photos below we can see the where the machines were located before the acoustic treatment.

In order to control the sound emission produced by this equipment, Acústica Integral designed a solution using acoustic shielding. Thereby, attenuating the noise levels emitted to the outside environment by the coolers.

Yet this was not a conventional installation. The risk of explosion in the working area did not allow to carry out hot works such as cutting and welding. Therefore, al the structural elements used to support the barrier were prepared in the workshop and assembled on site using mechanical connections.


The solution designed was a U-shaped acoustic screen made of Acustimódul-80A insulating panels.  The barrier was oriented in such a way so that the propagation of the noise generated by the machines was reduced towards the outside of the plot.

Two RS7 acoustic doors were installed to access the interior of the shielding.

The entire system of tubes, plates and anchor points was fixed to the existing structure by means of bolted joints, so no welding works were carried out on site.

The installed acoustic treatment provided the necessary noise reduction to meet the project objectives.


Project: Acoustic barrier for air coolers.
Ref: O02MA2200119
Sector: Industry